Incorporating Self Care into the Workplace

The importance of including care for yourself in the workplace environment is often overlooked and yet it is one of the most important aspects needed in all types of workplaces. Working in offices, online or in various locations means that there are a number of stresses associated with the work. Increased usage of computers, smart phones and iPads have been responsible for the increased amount of stress in shoulders, neck and back as well as hands. A number of actions can be taken to improve workplace environment and practice good coping skills to deal with the increased tension.

When working on computers, it is important to take breaks frequently and stretch, get up and walk around a bit. This relieves your muscles and gives your mind a change of scenery. Proper ergonomics are important also. If your work area is not set up correctly, your body alignment is not right either. This can cause increased stress and muscle pain in your wrists, shoulders and neck. Consider what type of computer you are using, laptops put different stresses on your body then desktop computers do. For long term relief stress on your body it is important to be aware of these issues and incorporate techniques to remain healthy on and off of the job.

The importance of hydration is also part of self-care in the workplace. Our bodies are mostly made up of water and we need to maintain good water levels to have our muscles, nerves and systems working correctly. More water and less soda is the rule. Caffeine can help with the problems of waking up and staying alert but there is a corresponding amount of water needed to negate the diuretic properties of coffee and soda. Often flavoring water with lemon or citrus will help your body also so don’t forget the importance of fruit.

Part of self-care in the workplace is keeping physically fit. If you have a sedentary job, it is important to incorporate time to add elements of physical fitness such as waking upstairs instead of taking the elevator, taking walks during lunchtime and even playing a sport after work. These activities will enable your body to move and gain mobility. Physical activity lets your mind rest and rejuvenate, which means you will be able to think better at your job. Keeping self-care in your job is part of keeping healthy.