Things to consider when planning a luxury yacht wedding

Wedding is surely one of the most important event of anyone’s  life. Everyone want to have a special wedding. For this reason, people make fancy arrangements, choose classy and unique venues, get exquisite foods and do anything that it takes to make it one of the most amazing and memorable day of their lives. People keep coming with new ideas to make their wedding day special. Luxury yacht wedding is becoming one of the most popular wedding ideas these days.

Many couples opt for yacht rental in Dubai Marina to book yacht for their special day. There are many good reasons that why you should consider arranging your wedding on a luxury yacht. But if that’s what you have planned for your wedding so you must be aware of few important things about luxury yacht weddings. Following are a few major aspects that you will have to keep in mind when arranging a luxury yacht wedding.

It is the best option for limited guest wedding

If you have a limited number of guests for your wedding ceremony so there will not be any better option than choosing a luxury yacht for your wedding ceremony. But if your guest list is quite long so catering that much people on a yacht won’t be a good idea. Firstly overly crowded yacht will destroy the looks and feel of your special day. Moreover, there are high chances that the management will not allow to entertain a single guest above the yacht capacity.

Flower arrangements and decoration

Every yacht is different than other. If you already have a flower arrangement in your mind but that you had seen on another yacht, it’s quite possible that I might not look good on one you have selected. Always discuss decoration ideas in detail with the company you hire for yacht charter for best results.

Music arrangements

A wedding will sound boring without romantic music and happy songs. Check if the company you have chosen can provide you with live DJ and high quality sound equipment to fill your special day with romantic music.

Catering arrangements

You will never wish to make your special guests eat average food. This is why you should give proper consideration to the quality of food they will serve to your guests. You can find out what items they will serve. Check out the post right here to find out more in this regard.