Tips to help you travel with your cat

A lot of people these days love taking their animals with themselves when they travel. While most cats tend to be most comfortable at home, some have the ability to adapt to travelling really well. At times you may find yourself facing such a situation in life in which it is necessary for you to consider cat relocation. If you must travel with your cat, then make sure that you follow the tips mentioned below.

Tips to follow
Before you begin travelling, it is vital that you make sure that there is a safe place for your cat to stay in upon reaching your desired destination. In case you plan on staying at a hotel, it is extremely important for you to call them up and acquire information about their pet policy. On the other hand, if you plan on living with family or friends, on the other hand you need to accept the fact that they might not be as interested as you are in the wellbeing of your cat and they might not even welcome it. Before moving, give them a call and find out if they are allergic to cats or have pets that are not friendly towards other animals. Many pets tend to become more so aggressive in the company of other animals, so you must discuss things in advance.

Next, you must purchase a cat carrier at least a week or two before your travel date. Make sure that you choose a carrier that is large enough for her to lie down and stretch. When you bring it home, use a towel or sweatshirt ti pad the bottom. This is basically meant to make sure that your cat stays comfortable in it. Also, if the cloth you use as padding has your smell on it, your cat is sure to feel a lot more relaxed. Keep the door of the carrier open so your cat can explore it. Feed her in or around the carrier too.

If you plan on taking your cat along in a pickup truck,  make sure that it is not exposed to rain or wind. You must place the carrier with you in the cab. You must never place the carrier in the back with other heavy items as your cat can get severely injured in case things fall over. Look at here now for more information in this regard.