Tips to help you plan a cocktail party

Planning out a cocktail party is not as easy as you might think. However, if you are interested in early evening entertainment then it is highly recommended for you to consider throwing a cocktail party. If the twenties and thirties theme has always inspired you and you love to dress up as well then a cocktail party is your best bet in terms of fulfilling your wishes. In the party the women will be dressed in flappers, while the men will either wear striped blazers or black ties.

To add to the theme, you can setup a bar to serve the best cocktails in Dubai to your guests. You can also carry on the theme by playing jazz, ragtime and swing music in the background. The theme also requires for you to serve easy to eat food along with strong cocktails to add to the effect. While you are at it, it is highly recommended for you to offer alcohol free alternatives as well. This is because that people in the party might need to drive themselves back home. Alcohol free alternatives are necessary so that their thirst for cocktails can be quenched without them having to worry about getting drunk. You need to bear in mind the fact that the bar is going to be the focal point of your party. It is easily possible to set it up in the main reception room. When planning things out, make sure that you get your hands on several cocktail shakers. To prepare the cocktails, it is also necessary for you to have a large jug along with several mixing sticks. The drinks are best served in glasses of different shapes and sizes. While you are at it, make sure that a separate table is set up for mineral water, fruit juices and non-alcoholic drinks.

To make sure that your guests have something to eat, it is highly recommended for you to place snack rooms around the room. Apart from that, you should also serve mini quiches and small sandwiches. This can also apply if you are planning on holding a Monday ladies night in Dubai.

Make sure that your cocktails are light in flavor if you are throwing a morning cocktail party. This is because your guest might have to go somewhere later on and might not be too interested in cocktails that have high alcohol content. For this reason, you must stay on the safer side and offer slightly alcoholic cocktails along with non-alcoholic alternatives.