Tips to Get Documents Authenticated in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has rapidly emerged as the best place for international job seekers in the past few decades and now people from western countries are also flocking to the country with career advancement in the minds. Dubai has always been regarded as the second home to the people from the South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, but now people from countries like the Philippines, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom are chasing their career goals in the state which offers the top quality of life. However, before you plan to settle down in the country, you need to get done with the task of degree attestation for the UAE.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips that can help you in relocating to Dubai and getting all your professional and educational documents verified and attested as per the local legal requirements.

  1. There is a reason why they always say, “Early bird catches the worm”. Same is the case in Dubai where you need to reach the Dubai Notary Public, which opens at 8am through Sundays to Thursdays, at round about its opening time. The best advantage of reaching early is that the process will consume little of your time and you will be done with your attestation process within a few minutes. Always remember, it gets terribly hectic at the Dubai Notary Public after 9am.
  2. Always remember to carry all your original documents and their copies with you when you visit the Dubai Notary Public. This will save you from making multiple visits to the facility and will save your precious time.
  3. You must keep currency notes of smaller denomination with you during your visit.
  4. During your visit to the Dubai Notary Public, you need to be properly dressed. If you want to visit a government building in Dubai in shorts, you should brace yourself up for making another visit to the building because you will be turned back right away.
  5. Before you leave for the Dubai Notary Public, you must take another look at the documents you are going to carry with you. Make sure that all the documents are part of the package and are lined up accordingly.

You may see full details of the whole process and the requirements for getting your documents attested in Dubai or any other state of the United Arab Emirates on the attached link.