Hacks On Preparing Your Things For Storage

Storage facilities and units are ideal places to store items for safety, as these facilities are built not only to store but to protect as well.

But on your part, you need to do some preps to ensure that your thing are on top condition – from the moment you store them up to the time you take them out of the unit. Here are some prep things that you need to do:

  • Take into account all your stuff

The first thing that you need to do is to list down all the things and stuff that will be placed in the storage. The list is important, especially if you are going to store a great amount of things in your storage facility. This list would serve as your reference guide when the time comes that you need to pull out your stuff from storage and you need to do an inventory when you take them all out. Be descriptive as possible when making your list. Jot down the quantity, the color and the condition of your things.


  • Pack them accordingly

Although the facility will be safe from outside elements, there are some things that you cannot control like the weather. To prevent damage and dirt from building up on your stuff, it would be best to pack them before transporting and storing them. Do some research on proper packing. Remember, boxes and tapes are not just the packing materials you need. If you have some delicate and fragile items that you need to store, you may need some bubble wraps to ensure its safety. Do not forget to label the boxes for your reference.


  • Buy some pallets

As mentioned, there are some things that are beyond the storage facilities’ control like the weather. It would be best to keep the items off the floor for additional protection. Some companies who offer furniture storage in Dubai advise their clients to buy some pallets where you can put your items, instead of just placing them on the floor.


  • Purchase secure locks

Storage facilities are known for their outstanding security, but it doesn’t mean that you will live your rented storage facility for other clients to open and inspect. Before the move, be sure to buy some topnotch locks to padlock your storage space. Don’t just go for any locks available in the market. The one that can stand harsh elements as well like the heat and the weather.


  • Add some space protection

Storage facilities can extreme weather conditions, but it wouldn’t hurt to add some protection to your storage unit. Some space renters put plastic covers on the walls and floor to protect not only the items but the unit itself.

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