5 Ways To Make Your Space Look Like A Hotel Room

Hotels and hospitality businesses are known for their impressive interior design. Hotel owners want to make their clients feel the luxury and comfort they always look for when there are away from home.

Experts in interior design of hotels in Dubai believe that it is possible to recreate it in your own room. If you are planning to transform your home into a hotel room, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • It is all about the bed

When you are booking a hotel room, the first thing that want to experience is the bed. Most of the time, guests just want to feel that soft mattress and fresh linens. Try to recreate that by replacing your bed with a top-quality mattress and sturdy bed frame. But of course, do not forget the sheets and linens. Be sure to use sheet that are comfortable to sleep in, but also hypoallergenic.

  • Add a touch of sophistication

What sets hotel rooms apart from personal spaces and sanctuaries is the level of sophistication. So, do not forget to add little luxuries inside your bedroom. You can go for elegant cabinet hardware and make the bathroom look sophisticated and modern. But it is not just about the look. Little luxuries include providing comfort like putting a glass of water on the bedside table and providing stunning hangers to hang your clothes.

  • Go for a peaceful palette

Hotel rooms often look peaceful and calm, it is because hotel owners want their space to be perceived that way. Hotel rooms aim to give the guest that feeling of calm and peace to keep them relaxed during their whole stay. If you plan to recreate the vibe, it would be best to choose a neutral color palette for your hotel room.

  • Put some greens inside

The sight of a refreshing greens can level up your room’s sophistication. So, be sure to put a stylish pot of plant inside your bedroom. If you can afford it, put a vase of fresh flowers on your space regularly.

  • Treat your windows differently

Another thing that can make your room look like a luxury hotel is the window treatment. Do not just go for thin curtains. Go for the thick and long ones that can make your windows look interesting and elegant.

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