An Introductory Guide to Securing a DHA License

The medical practice in Dubai isn’t a piece of cake. If anybody wants to serve their services as a medical professional then he needs to obtain a license. Well, nothing is easy to get, you need to put in efforts to get the things done. If you are willing to start practicing in Dubai then you need to obtain a license.

If you are not willing to practice in Dubai but you are willing to open your clinic there, again you need to obtain a DHA license. If you think that it’s only you who needs a license well it is not true. Almost everyone requires a professional license, be it auditors, teachers, accountants, architects. So, you are not the only one obliged to get a license, there are plenty of people who need that.

Advantage for physicians

If you are a physician and are willing to start your clinic then you can surely reap the benefits of Dubai Healthcare city. Dubai health care city helps in getting a permit and will help you in setting up your clinic.

If you are thinking that you can start practicing there without obtaining a license then you are doing nothing other than welcoming a new trouble for yourself and certainly you don’t want that.

Ministry of health has set rules for obtaining a license and to get a license you need to follow the rules and go through the complete procedure.

Obtaining a dha license isn’t easy, you need to follow the complete procedure which include, fee, several training courses and lastly the ministry approval.

No matter what! You are an intern or consultant or dentist you have to have a license.

Apply for the license online

Mostly people think that since they are homoeopathist they don’t need to obtain a license. Well, you can move around in Dubai with this though. If you are an alternative medicine practitioner for instance, ayurveda then again you need to obtain a license because ministry of health is quite active there and don’t let you practice with a license.

If you are a medical professional and are willing to apply for the license, you can surely do it. A good thing is that you can apply for the license online and once you get it, without any hurdles you can take your steps Dubai and can easily practice there. Furthermore, best thing to do is that you apply for the online examination (EES) in your homeland. It will reduce your cost and time and you don’t need to bear additional expenses, this way. If you need more information on this go to website.