5 Ways To Prepare Your Kids On Their First Doctor’s Appointment

A lot of parents experienced difficulty on bringing their kids to a paediatrician or a dentist. The irrational fear of going to a medical professional probably stems from uncertainty and horror stories they heard from playmates and other kids.

But attending their doctor’s appointment doesn’t have to be a crying game all the time. Top paediatricians in Dubai shared some pointers that can help parents bring their kids to school in a less stressful manner. Here’s how:

  1. Educate your kid

As mentioned, one of the reasons why kids are quite adamant to attend their doctor’s appointment is because they have no idea what’s really going to happen. They are just basing their knowledge from what they heard from other people. To bust the myths, it would be best to educate your kid and set their expectations. Talk to your kid and tell them what’s going to happen. Be truthful about it. If they will get a shot, tell them. But pacify their fears by explaining that it is necessary and the pain will go away afterwards. Through this, you can convince them to attend their appointments without any problems.

  1. Do not surprise them

Some parents think that it is a good idea to surprise their kids by bring them to their physician without them knowing. But this practice can backfire in the long run. You can lose their trust and they will be very cautious whenever you ask them to go somewhere. If it is not an emergency, let your kid decide the best time they want to pay their doctor a visit. But be sure to set a deadline of when they can decide. While waiting for their decision, you can subtly convince them by telling them the benefits of going to a paediatrician.

  1. Listen to them

Doing all the talking about going to doctor will make the process a one-sided affair. Be sure to listen to what your kid has to say. If they are not talking, cox them into speaking. Soon enough they will start to tell you what’s bothering them. From there, you can explain in simple terms what is true. Listening to their feeling will make them validated and valued.

  1. Keep yourself together

When your kid sees that you are feeling scared and emotional, it will resonate with their feelings as well. Try to check your emotions and be strong for your kid.

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