Why Use Aluminum Claddings?

If you’re someone looking for custom-designed cladding solution for your house or office, especially in aluminum or even in any other metal or steel, aluminum facade cladding is your perfect one-stop and one-time solution. The best part of the claddings and facades is that they can be high-quality sandwich panels and louver systems as well. Moreover, these claddings are available in various metals like aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc, and stainless steel.


Types of Metals used in Claddings

As mentioned above, there are many types of metals which can be utilized to make these claddings and facades. The sustainability and durability factors have turned the claddings into a very popular addition to the modern day elevations and structures across the globe. Aluminum has turned out to be the most favorite metal used to manufacture these claddings and facades. Its global production was around 31.9 million tons in 2005. Apart from iron and steel, this figure surpasses every other metal used on the planet. Apart from aluminum, facades and claddings are also made in zinc, copper, stainless steel, and titanium and all of these metals bring unique benefits to the equation when it comes to construction.


Aluminum Claddings Hold the Advantage

As we discussed above, the aluminum claddings are the most used in the whole world due to its durability and sustainability factor. Moreover, aluminum is a light-weight metal which is easy to install and maintain. When compared with steel, aluminum weighs in about the third of the weight. On an average, aluminum weighs around 2,7g/cm3, which makes it the architects’ favorite metal to work with. Its light weight makes it very easy for the companies to install the aluminum louvers, panels, and facades systems.


Aluminum is Recyclable

Another reason why aluminum has become the darling of the claddings and facades architects is the fact that it is absolutely recyclable. Invariably, choosing aluminum means choosing reliability, durability, and sustainability. Aluminum can easily be re-smelted and the process seldom takes any energy.


Corrosion-Free Solution

Aluminum’s ability to resist corrosion is another factor that inspires manufacturers to use it for building facades and claddings for the new-age housing solutions. Aluminum comes with a protective oxide coating which keeps it saved from corrosion. Copper, on the other hand, is vulnerable to weather conditions and many end up getting exposed to ruse and corrosion. You have made the right choice if you have preferred aluminum over copper for your facades and claddings. Check it out to know more about how aluminum is the best metal for your cladding solutions.