Moving Companies’ Top Secrets Revealed: Savings and Other Tips for You

So there are a few months left before you move to a new house and you are dreading it. Everybody hates moving, especially when there are so many stuff from your old home that you need to transfer to your new place. Some people try to delay the packing and organizing because it can sometimes go overwhelming and it is such a big, stressful task. What can get more stressful? Moving internationally! Imagine, for example, you are moving from the US to Dubai. The logistics of overseas move is going to be extreme! Good thing there are international moving companies in Dubai which you can contact through this link:


But before you hire any company out, keep in mind these reminders below. While Partner Movers guarantees a reliable, dependent, honest moving experience, there may be other companies out there who may appear legitimate but are actually scammers. So beware and read up.


  1. Summer and Holidays are the peak times for moving.


Therefore, the costs are through the roof and the “supply” or availability of movers on those schedules are limited or can get fully booked. So if you already know that you are moving a year in advance, then book your moving company at least 4 months before the date. This way you can haggle an off-peak rate even if you move in peak season and you won’t have to compete with other movers for the perfect schedule.


  1. Movers really are not careful with your things no matter how many promises they make.


Yes, they said you will never see any bump on your antiques but you still did when you’re unpacking. That’s because even the most careful movers still make mistakes. So if it is something super valuable, take the extra mile of wrapping it up nicely over the usual packaging the mover made.


  1. Claiming an insurance from a mover is never easy.


In many cases, insurance is offered by a mover if you opt to have the packaging done by them. There are also some third party insurance companies. However, if something happens, it is so hard to claim these insurances. So take this as a reminder not to expect much. Easily the best way to go about this is to ensure that each stuff is packaged properly, that you are actively checking and tracking your haul to avoid losses, and that you hire a dependable moving company with excellent reviews.


  1. Paying a large upfront deposit is unusual.


Some companies would ask for a small deposit. That’s ok as long as it is stated on the terms and that you have a witness upon paying it. But when a moving company is asking for a hefty upfront down-payment before your scheduled move, then this you need to question. It is not a common practice and it could mean danger. Scammers usually do this and they ask for cash instead of credit card payments.