Enjoy Your First Visit to Spa

The first-ever visit to a spa for different services creates some anxiety and confusions regarding environment, exposure and partial nudity perspective. Many male and female clients feel shy and bothered to open their physical parts for waxing and other treatments in front of others. Usually in spas and beauty salons the body is partially covered with a body suit, gown, sheet or large towel to limit the physical visibility. But even in the best spa in Bur Dubai can’t promise the best services if you don’t allow the masseuse to see your body servicing parts.

There are some reasons people, especially ladies, feel shy to visit any beauty salon or spa.

Hesitation of Being Judged:

Many of us have different body types and body weights. Some ladies are overweight, or have some scars or typical skin related issues which they don’t want to get exposed in front of others. They feel hesitation for being judged by the service provider. Another reason behind this hesitation is that some parlors have male staff for makeup, haircuts and massage therapy, which make some female clients uncomfortable to change their clothes and become partially open.

Staff feels more relaxed if you allow proper hand touch during facials and massage:

Some first time visitors don’t feel comfortable with the staff’s detailed massage and compressed touch on their bodies. Though it is part of their jobs to give you relaxation during massage and other treatments, some females and males feel hesitated toward massage therapies.

Fear of Hidden Cameras in Treatment Room:

It was a general perception in Asian world that spas had hidden cameras in treatment rooms which make both males and females a bit uncomfortable to change their clothes even in the changing rooms and visit a spa for detailed body services. Due to this fact, many good spas and salons use declaimers and proper license framings in their lounges to satisfy their customers for not being involved in any unethical or illegal activities.

Spa Treatments that need clothes changing:

Some spa treatments like salt glow therapy and Vichy shower treatment need body exposure and clothes changing for better services. You have to wear swimsuit or half body gown for massage and hydrotherapy treatments. The best ladies spa in Dubai is very professional and humble to treat the clients, so be confident and relaxed and visit it without any hesitation. You just can’t afford to miss out on this experience.