Car Owner’s Guide To Reading Tyre Wear Patterns

Your car tyres are probably one of the most abused components of your vehicle as these are the ones with direct contact on the road. When your car tyre blows up in the middle of the road, you have no choice but to replace it with a spare.

But car owners can prevent roadside tyre blow ups if they are able to spot tyre wear patterns and do immediate repair and replacement on their vehicles before the scheduled trip.


  • Vehicle misalignment

If you noticed that your tyres are wearing faster on the inner or outer edge than the rest of the tread, then you might be dealing with a misalignment issue. Vehicle misalignment happens when your vehicle is leaning too much to one side. If this problem is not attended to immediately, it can affect your steering and suspension systems. It also has an impact on vehicle safety. Be sure to get quality tyres from tyre shops in Sharjah to replace worn out tyres and go for alignment services to correct the misalignment issues.


  • Over-inflated tyres

If you discover that your tyres are wearing quickly at the center of the tread, you might be dealing with over-inflation. This happens when you are going above the recommended tyre pressure. This would make the center of the tread wear down faster as the pressure rises along that section. It would be best to know the recommended tyre pressure for your Yokohama tyres in Sharjah to avoid over-inflation.


  • Under-inflation

If over-inflation is bad, so is under-inflation. Under-inflation happens when you put less than the recommended pressure on your tyres. One of the signs of under-inflated tyres is wearing down of the tyre edges. In this case, the edge of the tyres makes more contact with the road to be able to support the vehicle. Make it a habit to check the pressure of your tyres and know the appropriate pressure level that should be applied.


  • Suspension issues

One of the signs of suspension issues is random soft spots on the tread of the tyres. When the suspension components of the vehicle are worn out, your car tyres will not have a consistent contact and traction on the road, causing the random soft spots. Another sign is hearing rumbling sounds while driving.


  • Tyre rotation

If you notice a diagonal and patchy wear on your car tyres, you might be dealing with a tyre rotation issue. Uneven wear patterns can also indicate out of balance tyres. It would be best to have your tyres rotated on a regular basis to prolong the lifespan of your tyres.