5 Things That Your Wedding Photographer Should Tell You

Your wedding photographers play an important role on a couple’s wedding day. They are the one’s tasked to document and capture every moment and immortalize them through photos and videos.  Given the significance of their roles, it is a must that you communicate well with your wedding photographer from Abu Dhabi.

If you have an upcoming appointment with your wedding photographer, be sure that you tackle the following items:

  • Breakdown of the package you picked

It is important that your wedding photographer about the package you are going to pick. Some clients have expectations about what they are going to receive from their photographer after the event. It is important that you get this discussion out of the way and cleared. Be sure to go over each items and asked them to clarify things that are vague. It would be best if you discuss the package rate and mode of payment as well.

  • Type of shots he/she will do

It is also essential that you discuss the type of shots they are going to take. Also these information might be highly-technical, you are still entitled to know. The type of shots they are going to take would speak of their competence and personal style. You need to know whether their personal style is something that you prefer.

  • Suggestions for creative poses

Some clients don’t have any idea how to pose creatively for photographs. Your photographer might be able to help you in this department. Be sure to ask what kind of poses that would be appropriate for the event. Their insights would be a great help to make you look good on your wedding photos.

  • Logistics

Once you settled everything, it is time for you and the photographer to iron out the details of the logistics. Your wedding photographer would probably asked about the details of the event – the time of the wedding, the location of the event, and the theme of the event. It would be best to give them a copy of your invitation. Be sure to ask them how many would they send to cover the event.

  • Post-production edits

Most clients just see the output when it is delivered to them. To ensure that you will like the output, be sure to talk to your photographer about the post-production edits and how you want your photos to look.

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