Information about setting up a new business in UAE

Being an emerging market and host of world expo 2020 Dubai is attracting more and more investors from each and every corner of the world. Rapidly developing and expanding business opportunities and markets in Dubai are encouraging new startups and welcoming foreign investments. Free zone Business setup is one of the most popular forms of business formation in Dubai. Acknowledging the demand of free zone company formation Dubai government has established more than 30 free zones across Dubai to cater investor’s needs.

United Arab Emirates has more than 50 free zones that are attracting investors with their business-friendly rules and packages designed by Free zone authorities and UAE Ministry of Economics. These free zones are the ideal place for entrepreneurs and business individuals, as they have unmatched benefits and merits that no other place in the region offers. If you have a company or setup new business in UAE in any of these free zones you will be availing maximum tax relaxations, you will be operating free of all kind of import, export and custom duties. Business will be under 100% your ownership. Moreover, you will be enjoying minimum working regulations and maximum freedom for business activities. All of these factors make Dubai free zones an ideal place for investment.

Dubai free zones not only provide the most cost efficient and flexible Free zone Business Setup in UAE but also are the fastest way of company formation in UAE. Minimum documentation, one widow operation, fast approvals and business friendly rules and regulations makes Dubai free zones the most preferred place. If you are going to form a company in any of Dubai free zones there are few factors you should consider before you proceed.

As you know there are many free zones in Dubai all with their independent rules and regulations that can vary from free zone to free zone you will find all of them have different packages and unique forms of business setups different than the other free zones.  Setups cost will also vary from free zone to free zone. Legal structure and type of businesses will also be different from one and another. You will have to choose free zone that covers all your business needs and provides you best facilities for your business.

It is highly recommended that you should approach to business setup consultants and advisors to discuss your start up plans. They can not only help you in deciding the best suitable free zone for your business but also will inform you about the rules and regulations of the same, along with benefits and reasons why you should select that free zone. Business setup consultants and pro services in Abu Dhabi will help you in fast and steady company formation that will be hassle free for you to focus on your business.