5 tips for designing business cards for Indian jewelers

Designing a business card that is creative and appears professional is no easy task. When it comes to designing a business card for Indian jewelers, things get a bit more on the tough side. The reason is that such business cards are fairly intricate and a number of elements need to be considered while designing them. They need to be simple, versatile, timeless, appropriate and of course, memorable. Another very obvious thing that needs to be taken into consideration while designing business cards for Indian jewelers is that they need to have that bit of ‘Indian’ touch to them.

India is a country that takes much pride in its culture, its customs and traditions and its people are proud to incorporate these elements in different forms of art. Even businesses based there proudly enhance their business cards and business cards through Indian art and colors. The number of designers of Indian jewelry is rapidly increasing in Dubai. For this reason, there are certain tips that business cards Dubai designers must follow while designing business cards for jewelers based in India. Some of them are:

Represent the culture of India

The business card designs for Indian jewelers need to depict the culture of India. The ornaments that are commonly used in India can easily be used for this purpose.

Use fonts that match Indian scripts

Another extremely useful tip for business card designers is to use fonts that match Indian scripts. This is an extremely beneficial trick that creates an even more cultural approach to the business card. For this purpose, the name of the jeweler can easily be written using Indian scripts. This is one tip that will definitely help you out.

Mix of tradition with modern styles

A fairly good idea to lure people of all ages towards the jeweler is to mix tradition with modern styles. This would basically help in gaining attention of people belonging to different age brackets after it has been through business card printing in Dubai. For this purpose, the business card designer might consider using a modern style based image or give the font a bit of a modern twist along with the usage of Indian script. Merging both these concepts will create an outstanding business card for sure.

Use of auspicious colors

Jewelry represents happiness and joy. For this reason, the business card of an Indian jeweler needs to signify auspiciousness.  To enhance the overall ‘joyful’ appeal, you must utilize colors that are considered ‘happy’. For example, you can use gold, silver, red, orange etc. However, make sure that the color that you pick matches the entire look and feel of the business card and does not look out of place as that would completely ruin it.